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About PraxEco

PraxEco is an open-source research network with a mission to improve the quality of life while reducing the cost of living. The PraxEco Network provides its members with the resources — financial and human-skills — to fund and realize innovative ideas that lead to a positive impact. Our goal is to transition to an abundant self-sustainable future through innovating solutions, industry by industry. To discover more about the PraxEco Network, visit:

Prax Eco Wish Machine

So, you wish to put your wishlist into the Wish Machine.

This short form has been designed to help us — and friendly algorithms — to better network the possibilities of everyone's viable practical wishes and intentions in society.

In a prior phase, we will collect as many practical WISHES as possible, which will be processed by a trustworthy team of PraxEco Members. If we find wishes that match, we will inform and connect their respective wishers.

In an second phase, those wishes will be processed by a matching ALGORITHM that, along with a simple syntax, will be at the core of the app we want to build (see The Wish Machine Project, one of the home projects of the PraxEco Network : — if you want to know more about the Network, please consult the PraxEco Network User's Guide :

Please, feel free to fill one wishlist for yourself, and one for each of your PROJECTS too ! Feel free also to forward this form to your friends !

WishList FORM

This is a first version, so it can probably be bettered. Send us your feedback at : comments, questions, suggestions, typos, grammatical errors, . . .

A French version is coming soon. If you can help us to translate it in other languages too, please contact us !

À vos souhaits ! ;^D

The Wish Machine Team

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