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In order to achieve: Community Economy animation of local resources, we need to develop a critical mass of animator-users (eg. 12 households) within each multihome-building or neighbourhood. Individuals, neighbourhoods & groups worldwide are considering this DO WE KNOW WHO WE ARE ?. Address registration information will be shared with local community organizers so local economic-organization can be effected.

Names, addresses, postal-codes, email addresses & phone numbers are entered here on this page as below. Once 12 households are identified per neighbourhood (Postal codes are important) then we can strategize together for implementation of the DO WE KNOW WHO WE ARE ? Community-Economy Catalogue, Mapping & Accounting software on the l'Atrium de l'Apprenti Sage platform. As with all Community Economy processes there are expenses, for which we must business-plan economies-of-scale aka outreach to enough of each our neighbourhood users. As we all know there is a wealth of minds, hands, expertise, talents, goods, services, resources & materials unused in our selves, families, cupboards & wasted in our garbage for us to empower huge local livelihood, essential-services & cleaning-up our individual or collective ecological-footprints & world.


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