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SolaRoof focuses on the sun & water in creating a winter-warm/summer-cool and night-warm/day-cool canopy (PyraPOD), utilizing soap bubble thermodynamics to mobilize & store day time solar energy for night time use with high heat insulation & solar/geo thermal synergy built in.


Friends, 4 builds are going forward, collectively working on and sharing our solutions for the

Meaning the full sixty degrees of arc
The square (4) footprint 17x17

Who is planning a build, initially:

  • Daniel Hall, Maryland (near DC)
  • Aubrey Zhang, Kelowna BC
  • Chance Adams, Cherokee Nation
  • Ríkardur Léo Guðmundsson, Iceland

I will replicate and I think many other projects will be mobilized going into the spring summer with encouragement of our planned BubbleFun program.