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Mems: accounting, currency, and capital

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As we prepare forms for the ‘Do-we-know-?’ web-software, it strikes me how eventually individuals, family & communities will benefit from accounting forms for debit & credit entries at the level of the individual, family, friends, busyness groupings of all sorts, organizations, business, governments etc. We are already planning or preparing such forms. Accounting recognition, will be of benefit for the different generations, who want to stick together & make economy together & recognize each other’s contributions with MEM within family, friends & other very local arrangements.

Typically today, without accounting recognition, most younger people head off to create their own ‘nuclear’ families or to work alone so as not to have the confusion of unchartered ‘economic’ (Greek ‘oikos’ = ‘home’ + ’namein’ = ‘care-&-nurture’) relations. Every community, such as Jardins LaSalle must have many 100s of inner family labour disagreements or conflicts. Such preparations on our part & the eventual web-based easy-to-implement accounting practices, would be an attraction to public participation in Do-we-know-?' community economy systems everywhere.


Each person’s web-page will have a balance sheet, capable of corresponding with any other person or business, with which they contract ‘busyness’ with. Can you imagine such facilitated family or extended-family economic relations? When certain agreed upon tasks are taken on, then the web-page of each person will have a place for time, task, expense & other entries, as well as for the task or busyness they have decided to develop. Forms with columns & rows to enter: reference to tasks being pursued, contract referred to, time-worked, tasks accomplished & MEMs or $ credited or debited & interactive accounting between individual balance sheets are provided.


is a step beyond the original buying & selling, investment & exchange web-form notation of the 'Do-we-know-?’. Individuals, families, friends & busyness association could use an individually accredited MEM unit among themselves distinguished from all other individual & group accredited MEM. Certain economic criteria & standards would apply for recognition of Community MEM & economic relations among different communities. We allow for local initiative, accounting-recognition, busyness-creation & values, with modalities for formal group certification & values through the publicly trade-able MEM.