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Indigene Holistic Science

involves design & conception across all levels of being. The graphic at left looks at humans and sentient life (all living beings) as being an interface between an infinate range of being from macro to microcosm. We draw knowledge from both macro and micro observations & compose understanding of the fractal patterns which happen at all levels. Holistic Design plans for these patterns of interaction with the energy, physical & bios-phere (5 elements) assuming results or consequences at all levels of macro and micro existence. Common senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, kinetic (body-movement) and the mind's integration of these are our primary tools for understanding because they are integrated automatically by the mind into multisen-sory holistic perception.

Refer to section D. PARTICIPATORY STRUCTURE subsections 1) Both Sides Now Equal Time Recorded Dialogues 2) Satyagraha 3) Economic Memory 4) Apprenticeship Education 5) Collaborative Language respectively on the construction of three-dimensional perception from 2-D sensory neural inputs and understandings from whole body neurogy where sensory inputs from all senses have on site memory, decision-making and acting authorities. Mohandas Gandhi admonishes us to "Become the change you want to see in the world", reminding us of our whole selves as the first fractal of human existance.

Reductionist Science gets caught in an intellectual trap of prioritizing observations only in the 'macro' or 'micro'spheres with distance from our holistic nature. Each micro and macro observation must be facilitated by machinery of some kind. This machinery distances the human in subtle ways from integrated understandings and altering perception. Often the machinery is expensive to be afforded only by exploitive hierachies corporate or government. Reductionist scientists being dependent upon institutional interactions and status get caught in the celebration or obsessive concern for expense, not understanding many pathways of collective intelligence. Often these institutionally dependent interactions are the closest unjust societies and institutional agents get to collectivity, so scientists confuse this primal urge for human unity with the scraps of institutional finance and status they receive.

Hence as dependents, reduction scientists worship micro or macro understandings as though truth can be found only at the smallest or largest levels of microscopic / macroscopic observation or testing. We worship microscopic or macroscopic results while ignoring sensory observations all around us. Not having experienced or understood whole systems design, complementary collective interaction and abundant three-dimensional food and material ecologies, institutionalised scientists and citizens don't understand science in its holistic framework. We send expensive atmosphere destroying space probes out into outer-space with ecological footprint destroying economic expense, before we have developed a team capacity for all humans (collective intelligence) on earth. We can not rely on exploitive economies to achieve science-fiction dreams.

Space is all around us at all levels. There are understandings to be gleaned at all levels and interactions as well as from outerspace but not when humans suffer from lack of resources which could feed and empower human intelligence. Holistic scientists are obligated to Natural Science, the long human world-wide indigenous tradition and understanding the web of life's grand intelligent design and thus proceed from the heart of compassion and caring for all of humanity. Holistic scientists honour the ecological traditions, economies and biosphere into which we are born. While micro and macro understandings are necessary, they must be integrated with observations at all levels through collective economic empowerment.

Indigenous peoples around the earth upon encountering European 'scientific' expeditions have repeatedly said that mind (the act of minding or caring for) or 'intelligence' (Latin = 'inter' = 'between' + 'legere' = 'to choose') is found in a combination of the head and the heart, but not the head alone. A First Nation expression is that; "We (humans) are the voice of the earth speaking". Each human alive and other living beings carry the wisdom of parts of life, which is complementary among us all. It takes all of us and compassion between us to understand the world in which we live as well as the micro and macro-cosms. Exogenous imperial feudal colonial societies including their 'scientific' expeditions depend upon exploitation because they don't know how to live in harmony with the earth. European 'exploration' was driven by the destruction of the once rich European biosphere and ecological productivity consequential to Roman invasion. Colonial supposed 'scientists' are in fact 'gleaners' looking for resources to feed colonial scarcity from deficient human societies which have forgotten their indigenous knowledge and become hierarchies. Modern science is based in this scarcity. Indigenous peoples and the checks and balances of holistic science are based in respectful human interactions with nature's abundance.